4 colour trends for the festive season 2020

Success in visual marketing (also) depends on a trendy choice of colours. The EyeEm team, a global photography community and global marketplace, presents four key colour trends for the upcoming festive season.

Colour trend 1: Deep shades of blue

Visual marketing campaigns like to use the colour blue, especially for the winter months. Pantone even named the classic the colour of the year 2020 with Classic Blue. Blue is a timeless shade that evokes feelings of relaxation and calm and is associated with stability, hope and trust. Values that customers look for in uncertain times. “By shifting the shade to a darker and deeper tone, you can not only utilize the calming psychological benefits of the color blue, but also reflect the deeper feelings of ‘survival and ‘resilience’ too.”

Br24 Blog 4 colour trends for the festive season 2020: Example images for the colour trend deep shades of blue

Colour trend 2: Natural shades of green

“The color green can evoke feelings of growth, investment, rebirth, harmony, and renewal of energy – all values that consumers are searching for as they redefine their moral landscapes and find security for their future.” Avoid synthetic greens and green coloured artificial objects whenever possible. Instead, prioritize images with natural shades of green and with natural elements to quickly and easily fulfil customers’ desire for the outdoors while also reflecting a sense of responsibility and sustainability.

Br24 Blog 4 colour trends for the festive season 2020: Example images for the colour trend natural shades of green

Colour trend 3: Subtle orange

Red is one of the colours that are traditionally associated with winter time and its festivities. Orange is a softer and warmer alternative which brings the same seasonal connection to winter. The shade is optimistic and self-assured, evokes a sense of comfort and stability while at the same time making your visual marketing stand out. For example with Lush Lava, one of the Shutterstock trend colors for 2020. Opt for images that are relevant throughout the season. “With consumers actively trying to remove a sense of ‘danger’, ‘warning,’ or ‘negativity’ from their lives, using more orange, or even removing some of the saturation and contrast, in your festive content is more likely to attract attention and trust from your audience.”

Br24 Blog 4 colour trends for the festive season 2020: Example images for the colour trend subtle orange

Colour trend 4: Uncluttered white space

Don’t think about traditional ‘white Christmas’ marketing concepts this year. “Instead of opting for the cliché images of snowy family outings or children looking outside a snow-covered window frame, you need to use clean and uncluttered white space to strategically respond to the current mood of your customers.” In these uncertain times, with an overload of information and a lot of distraction, consumers are searching for clarity. Instead of chaotic, colourful images of festive situations, take a minimalistic approach and simplify the content of your images. With still lifes, clean white backgrounds, cleared surfaces and simple decorations. Use pops of colour to draw attention to the areas where it is needed.

Br24 Blog 4 colour trends for the festive season 2020: Example images for colour trend uncluttered white space

The full report from EyeEm can be found here.


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