CGI – Imagination without limits

CGI, Computer Generated Imagery, blurs the lines between reality and the virtual world. With professional 3D software, we create partially or completely in CGI realised, photo-realistic images as well as static and dynamic graphics.
Our CGI service includes product visualisation, texturing, lighting setup, detailed 3D modelling, 3D environmental modelling, interior and exterior visualisation, 360 degree panorama, motion design, motion blur and Virtual Staging. In conjunction with image editing, we create perfect, realistic results and let your visions become reality.
CGI provides incredible possibilities and benefits: Virtual models, different perspectives, lighting, colours and structures, even images that would be impossible in reality. Full flexibility in visualisation, design and customisation according to your wishes. Visualisation of products, projects and ideas as well as their testing and adaption before they actually exist. Save time, reduce costs, increase creativity. In our download catalogues you will find everything about CGI and much more.
With CGI, imagination has no limits.

Br24 CGI / 3D: Modelling of a closet before rendering
Br24 CGI / 3D: black closet after rendering
Br24 CGI/3D: Modelling of a couch before rendering
Br24 CGI / 3D: Blue couch after rendering
Br24 CGI / 3D: red gear in used look from two different perspectives
Br24 CGI/3D: Rendered view of a modern bedroom with a window front and a desk
Br24 CGI / 3D: Rendered exterior view of a modern housing estate with a green area