E-Commerce – Convincing presentation of products & services

In e-commerce the demand for edited images is particularly high. The convincing presentation of products and services determines a successful sale. This is only possible with high-quality and appealing images.
Clippings, alpha maskings and composings are particularly important for the product presentation in e-commerce. The perfect representation of different colours, textures and details through colour corrections and colour adjustments shows the variety of products, increases customer satisfaction and reduces returns. Extraordinary effects and dynamic images such as 360-degree images and zoom functions add variety, show every detail and highlight special features. In addition to image editing and image retouching, we optimise your images for the use in various media and platforms (online and offline ). With CGI product visualisations of any kind are possible.
Perfect images in the highest quality. Efficient, fast and with minimal processing time, regardless of the amount of images. We show your products and services at their best.

Br24 E-Commerce: golden earrings with pendants, hanging view, after retouching
Br24 E-Commerce: hanging, golden and shiny earrings with pendant after retouch
Br24 Clipping & Retouching: E-Commerce, Furniture, Online Shop sample
Br24 E-Commerce, Recolour: Blue high heels with rhinestones
Br24 E-Commerce, Recolour: Red high heels with rhinestones
Br24 E-commerce: Alpha Masking: white knitted beanie with fur pom-pom on wooden background before Alphamasking
Br24 E-commerce: Alpha Masking: white knitted beanie with fur pom-pom on grey background after Alphamasking
Br24 Clipping & Retouching: E-Commerce, Online shop, detailed view of a shoe
Br24 Clipping: E-commerce, Onlineshop, dress with mannequin before clipping
Br24 Clipping: E-Commerce, Onlineshop, dress without mannequin after clipping