Br24 Standards

Br24 standards for image editing

At Br24, uniform standards apply to the image editing process. These standards were defined by Br24 and are based on current industry-specific requirements as well as needs and demands of our customers.

Unless other agreements have been made prior to the start of production, the image editing at Br24 always follows the standards outlined below.

On request, individual solutions and adaptations of these standards to the requirements of our customers are, of course, possible without additional costs.

Basis of data

All orders are executed exclusively on the basis of data and specifications provided by the customer.

Colour management

We work with the Adobe RGB colour space.


The results are delivered in the same resolution as the original material.

Naming Clipping paths

During the process of clipping, the clipping paths are named uniformly and chronologically according to the following scheme: Path 1, Path 2, Path 3, etc.

Naming Alpha Masks

When creating alpha masks, the alpha masks are named uniformly and chronologically according to the following scheme: Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, etc.

File format JPEG

The results of edited JPEG files are delivered in .jpeg format with quality grade 12.

Other file formats

The results from other common file formats as JPEG are delivered in .psd format, reduced to the background layer.

InDesign & CGI

Please note that the sub-areas InDesign and CGI are always handled in consultation with our customers and are therefore not subject to any standardisation.