Composing – Creating the reality

Composing, also known as photomontage, makes it possible to create images that perfectly meet any imagination. During Composing, different objects and backgrounds are individually combined. Objects and persons are removed, added, shifted or exchanged.
High-quality Clippings are essential for Composing. With pixel-precise vector paths, objects are extracted from their original setting, regardless of their complexity. Extremely detailed objects like fine hair, eyelashes, fur or even partially transparent elements, such as smoke, are exactly isolated with Alpha Masks.
At Composing we combine creativity according to your wishes and maximum precision. With knowledge of anatomy, optical rules and design theory as well as fine adjustments of light, shadow, colour temperature and brightness, we create vibrant images that can not be distinguished from reality. Without additional photo shoots, we create authentic images. For a perfect optical illusion.
Ideal and expressive presentation of products in e-commerce, creative imagery for advertising and marketing, websites, for print products and much more. Composings open up new possibilities in all areas. You want to see more? Further examples of clippings, alpha masks, composings and more can be found in our download catalogues.
With Composing, we create the reality according to your vision.

Br24 Composing
Br24 Composing
Br24 Composing: two people are discussing something in front of a laptop, before composing
Br24 Composing: three people are discussing something in front of a laptop, after composing
Br24 Composing: Two giraffes stand in the countryside
Br24 Composing: Two giraffes with a tiger skin pattern stand in a desert landscape, created by Composing
Br24 Composing: elegant shopping center
Br24 Composing: Group of female models integrated into an elegant shopping center using composing