Publishers & Printing

Publishers & Printing – Perfect images, convincing presentation

High-quality images and professional layouts for a convincing presentation of various contents – our individual service for publishers and print products.
The combination of our entire range of services ensures optimal results. With image retouching and image editing we provide expressive images (optimised for print and online) . We create flexible to use vector graphics and create layout designs for different media products exactly according to your requirements. With our simple data handling and the comfortable coordination via the DALIM soft proof system, you have full control over the complete content ot the layout design. For efficient and fast processes to keep any deadline.
The perfect stage for impressive content.

Br24 Publishers & Printing: business cards
Br24 Publishers & Printing: Newspaper page with two articles with photos and texts
Br24 Publishers & Printing: layout of a double page with photos and texts
Br24 Layout Design: Graphic of a Christmas ball, created from various Photoshop icons and the Br24 logo, below the slogan
Br24 Publishers & Printing: Open magazine with a view of an article including text and photos
Br24 Publishers & Printing: magazine page including a female model and arranged text