Advertising & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing – Creating imagery, high-quality and efficient

For agencies, it is crucial to put full concentration into creative and inventive work. While always keeping an eye on the own capacities as well as the often tight customer budget.
Use internal resources for your core business, save time and money. We support you efficiently in image editing, matched to the individual requirements of your customers. From clipping, masking, colour correction, image retouching, vectorisation, adapting images and layouts to a new corporate design, to optimising your images for use in various online and print media. Rely on our fast and high-quality service. With us you can handle any amount of images, whether for advertising, marketing and more.
We supply you with excellent imagery, exactly according to your visions and always in the highest quality.

Br24 Retouching: advertising, spa equipment with massage oil and natural products / Br24 Retusche: Werbung, Ausrüstung Spa mit Massageöl und Naturprodukten
Br24 Layout Design: Poster in minimalistic, graphic style, vector graphics combined with images / Br24 Layoutgestaltung: Poster in minimalistisch, grafischen Stil, Vektorgrafiken kombiniert mit Bildern
Br24 Colour Correction & E-Commerce: advertising lipsticks in different shades / Br24 Farbkorrektur & E-Commerce: Werbung Lippenstifte in verschiedenen Farben
Br24 advertising graphic vectorization: face divided into geometric shapes
Br24 Layout Design: Logo design, Branding, Advertising for coffee bar at showcase window / Br24 Layoutgestaltung: Logodesign, Branding, Werbung für Coffeebad am Schaufenster
Br24 Layout Design: advertising, print and web, poster with milk cartons and nature scene / Br24 Layoutgestaltung: Werbung, Druck und Web, Poster mit Milchkartons und Naturszene