About us

Our Origin

Br24 High Quality Media Solutions is specialised in image editing for photographers & studios, e-commerce, architecture & real estate, advertising & marketing, publishers & printing and more. As an internationally operating company, headquartered in Germany and with branch offices in Vietnam, we work worldwide for over 1.100 customers. Whether clipping, masking or composings, image retouch, colour correction, vectorization and layout design or CGI – Br24 is your professional partner in all matters of image editing according to your wishes.

With perfect and appealing images, we ensure that your ideas, products and services will be in the spotlight. While you focus on your core business. Visualise your ideas, strengthen your products and increase your sales as well as your customer satisfaction.

Br24 Office: young man at workplace, ensures an efficient workflow / Br24 Büro: junger Mann am Arbeitsplatz, sorgt für einen effizienten Workflow
Br24 Team in Vietnam
Br24 Production Team discussing CGI work to ensure highest quality / Br24 Produktionsteam diskutiert CGI Arbeiten um höchste Qualität zu gewährleisten

Our Philosophy

We stand for the highest quality, in everything we do.

Our focus is on creativity combined with a wide range of services, where everything comes from one source and offers us limitless possibilities. Our quality commitment includes customer-oriented work. With individual solutions, suited to the requirements, goals and budgets of our customers. In addition, we rely on our high German Br24 standards, our efficient work processes and our highly qualified employees.

Br24 Production: working on a computer, Virtual Staging in CGI / Br24 Produktion: Arbeiten an einem Computer, Virtual Staging in CGI
Br24 Team: Woman with headset in front of a computer screen, discussing orders with clients
Br24: German sales manager is calling customers to talk about their visions. / Br24: deutscher Vertriebsleiter telefoniert mit Kunden zu ihren Visionen

"In order to offer the highest quality, we have to go with open eyes and ears through the world. We need to know the needs of our customers as well as those of our employees, always have the finger on the pulse of time and welcome new ideas with open arms. That's how we can develop our full potential."

Markus Vortkamp

General Director

Markus Vortkamp

General Director

Our Creators

Our professional Br24 team consists of specialists in technology, design and photography. Combined, they guarantee the highest German quality. Working closely with architects, engineers and designers, we offer a wide range of image editing services to our customers.

Our personal contacts from Germany manage each project from the very first to the very last image, always find the best solution and take care of the fast and reliable processing of orders.

Imagination has no limits, like our creativity. We fill your images with life and realise your visions!

Br24 Branch Office in Vietnam with sales team working at their workplace / Br24 Niederlassung in Vietnam mit Vertriebsteam an ihrem Arbeitsplatz
Br24 Team: Teamwork for the highest quality
Br24 Team: Man works in his office

Our Responsibility

Highest quality at fair prices and conditions is very important for us.

Our employees significantly contribute to the success of our company and we appreciate this. We offer all our employees fair salaries that meet or even exceed the local labour market standards. Safe and modern workplaces, the opportunity to contribute own ideas and creativity, continuously education and training programs and promoting talents are a matter of course for us. Joint activities and regular transnational exchange programs strengthen the team spirit and promote the internal transfer of knowledge.

Here, everyone is welcome, receives acceptance and equal opportunities. We believe that the satisfaction and diversity of our employees is an important factor for our competencies and progress. Diversity creates new ideas and innovations, promotes understanding and enables efficient processes.

In Vietnam, for instance, we are cooperating with the social project REACH. As well as with universities under the program “Hanoi Arena Multimedia”, which promotes the 3D sector. In addition, we give people with disabilities a perspective. Particularly in rural areas of Vietnam it is difficult for people with disabilities to participate in daily company life.

That is why we offer everyone the opportunity to get a secure job and a steady income in our company.

We turn visions into reality, for everyone.

Br24 group photo of our smiling Vietnamese team with disabilities, team spirit / Br24 Gruppenfoto unseres lächelnden vietnamesischen Teams mit Behinderungen, Teamgeist
Br24 Reach Vietnam graduates, programmers together with general director and production manager / Br24 Reach Vietnam Absolventen, Programmierer zusammen mit Geschäftsführer und Produktionsleiter
Br24 Vietnam Reach Project, Graduation of the programmers, group photo students with Br24 contract / Br24 Vietnam Reach Projekt, Abschluss der Programmierer, Gruppenfoto Studenten mit Br24 Arbeitsvertrag