We turn visions into reality, for everyone

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Since our foundation, this has been a central part of Br24 and daily common practice.

Br24 Germany: Happy staff ensures the highest quality

We believe in happy employees

We want our employees to enjoy working with us and take pride in their work. Satisfied employees produce higher quality. And for this we do a lot.
This includes, among others, competitive salaries based on skills and experience, as well as a bonus program. Safe and modern workplaces, health care and vacation. A healthy and free meal for everyone per shift. As well as free drinks and snacks. We regularly organise various joint activities, such as our popular football tournament and badminton tournament, company outings, Christmas and New Year celebrations and more.

Br24 Priority: Happy Staff

Br24 Vietnam: Employees having fun at work

We believe in skills, knowledge and development

Equal opportunities are very important to us. Motivation and skills are crucial for every position at Br24. Through continuous training we not only support our employees. In addition, we are also engaged in several social projects for training and job creation. In Vietnam, for instance, we are working with the social organisation “Trung tâm REACH Hà Nội” and with universities for several years. Together, we enable education for socially disadvantaged people and give them the chance to get a sustainable employment at Br24. In Germany, Br24 is a successful approved apprenticeship employer for many years.

Br24 equal opportunities: People with disabilities work at Br24
Furthermore, it is important for us to give people with disabilities a perspective. We focus on active involvement of people with disabilities in all areas of our company. And also support organisations such as “Chia Sẻ Cộng Đồng”, who for example support people with disabilities in Vietnam.

At Br24, everybody is welcome and receives the same opportunities. We see our social engagement as an enrichment for our company. And an investment in our future as well as our success.