Br24 Football Tournament 2018

The Final

Thrilling matches, spectacular goals, lots of fun and action – the of the Br24 football tournament 2018 had it all. This year, 6 teams started and in the end it was decided.

Br24 Men

1st place: Team Colorwork
2nd place: Team Management
3rd place: Team Priv
4th place: Team 3D/Clipping

Br24 Blog: Football tournament 2018, winner team Colorwork and all teams

Br24 Women

1st place: Hót Gơ Team
2nd place: Truất Girl Team

Br24 Blog: Football tournament 2018, girls teams

Top scorer: Đào Văn Lợi

Best goalkeeper: Nguyễn Tiến Tùng

Best cheerleader: Bùi Thị Thắm

And after the game, the Br24 team celebrated together.

Br24 Blog: Football tournament 2018, celebration after the finals

We are proud of you and look forward to the games next year!