Visual Trends 2019

Are you ready to take a look into the future? Images are one of the most powerful ways to attract attention, to communicate a message and to connect with the viewer. Here are the most inspiring visual we will be seeing in 2019.

According to the Adobe Stock team, these four trends will dominate the year.

Natural Instinct

As technology increases in our lives, we are seeking balance through nature. This trend is environmental awareness, with ethical and sustainable products. As well as spiritual wellness and to find a connection to mother earth and nature. The focus is on images with natural elements, inspired by the mysteries of the natural world.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2019 - Natural Instinct: Two people in front of impressive mountain scenery with lakes and mountains

Creative Democracy

Today’s technology also enables everyone to get creative and share authentic moments. Diversity and authenticity rules. It’s about spontaneity, experiences, diverse subjects, bright colours and content that moves people. Brands are finding new clever ways to involve their consumers with suitable tools. And encourage them to create and share their own content.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2019 - Creative Democracy: Three young women sitting together with smartphones in their hands, laughing and having fun

Disruptive Expression

This trend addresses the arising desire of the people to be heard. Politically, creative, individual. According to the Adobe Stock Team, Disruptive Expression in the visual context “….means embracing a wide range of identities, celebrating fearless individuality, and forgoing the light touch in favour of power and intensity.”

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2019 - Disruptive Expression: Female dancer in dance suit, captured in the middle of a powerful jump from right to left

Brand Stand

Consumers today want more from brands than just products. They expect stated values, a commitment to transparency and brands that speak out on major social, political and environmental issues. Stunning, powerful visuals of causes and popular issues will have a big impact on viewers.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2019 - Brand Stand: unrecognizable person holding a bunch of carrots in her hands, standing outside in nature and sunshine

And surely we will also see more of these photographic and visual trends.

Dark and moody

In contrary to the brightly coloured and lit images, this trend uses a soft and subtle way to stand out. Rich hues of a darkened colour palette and a high contrast between the foreground and background are typical, especially in food photography. Creating images with a contemplative and elegant vibe. Sometimes being quiet is the best way to be heard.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2019 - Dark and moody: picture from above, dark blue plates on black surface, sliced orange nectarines and violet grapes whose colours stand out from the dark surroundings

Nostalgic Flashbacks

Runways, closets and home decor stores have been flooded with nostalgic flashbacks. Inspired by the aesthetic of the 90s, 80s, 70s, and even 60s. And now they make their way onto the world of visuals. It’s all about neon colours, clean lines, camera filters, patterns and fonts that resemble past decades.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2019 - Nostalgic Flashbacks: picture from above, music cassettes in different colours on a light blue surface

Outdoor Photography

In 2019, this trend tends to higher contrast levels and more vivid colours. Using the whole frame to compose shots of dramatic landscapes. A sub-trend within will be outdoor product photography, with diverse products embedded into breathtaking sceneries. And with more and more drones, aerial photography is used in all genres, but will have the strongest impact on landscape and travel photography.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2019 - Outdoor Photography: Antelope Canyon, Arizona with impressive colours, photographed from the below through the canyon to the sky

Vertical Imagery

According to forecasts, the majority of the total internet traffic in 2019 will to come from mobile use. Therefore, the demand for vertical images for a vertical audience is increasing. The orientation of this format affects the image composition, which always has to be considered. The future is vertical.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2019 - Vertical Imagery: Couple, seen from behind, holding hands in front of natural scenery with several hot air balloons, left - horizontal format, right - vertical format


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