Visual Trends 2018

The year 2018 has begun. Let’s take a look at the visual trends that we expect in the area of images and photography.

Colourful and Flashy

Eye-catching colours were already on the rise last year. And is taking off in 2018. Colourful, popping, bright and loud. Combined with unconventional, bold colour combinations and diverse colour filters. And new: colourful gradients and transitions. Which create a vivid contrast to simple, clean compositions of colours, patterns and shapes. The results are flashy images full of tension.

Blog Visual Trends 2018 Colourful and Flashy: Rainbow umbrellas with blue sky as background

Globalised World

More and more, the world is becoming a global village. Increasing networking makes it possible to share ideas and experiences, to learn and to benefit from each other. More than ever, people have access to expertise and support they need. Also in photography and image production, for example in outsourcing the image processing. Which means an enormous improvement in image quality.

Blog Visual Trends 2018 Globalised World: Infographic outsourcing values Br24

Real and Unfiltered

The trend towards authenticity from 2017 will continue in 2018. Diversity and authenticity will be celebrated. Images will be more spontaneous and natural. And show real people, with real emotions and rough edges. Nowadays flaws can be fixed fast and easy by using filter functions. Appealing and exciting means the highest quality, but not perfect. People want to identify themselves with the images.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2018 Real and Unfiltered: Old Mongolian man

Back to the origin

In uncertain times we look back to the past. Images combine old techniques with new technologies, old with new, seeking inspiration and ideas in history. For example, are inspired by classical art. Reinterpret well-tried motif. And thus preserve valuables from the past.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2018 Back to the origin: vintage radio on table with plants

Digital and Reality

Digital techniques make it possible to combine reality and imagination. Which leads to breathtaking and creative pictures. At the same time, new technologies such as drones, 3D or augmented reality show new perspectives. And show things in pictures that we would not be able to see otherwise.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2018 Digital and Reality: Aerial view of winding road in green forest

Silence and Serenity

Hustle and bustle determine our daily lives. This increases our desire for peace and deceleration. In 2018, this will be shown in images that focus on naturalness and discover nature as a source of productivity and creativity. Fascinating landscapes, soothing still lifes and more satisfy our need for serenity. As well as natural elements such as tree bark, leaves and swirling water that serve as a template for shapes, patterns and colours.

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2018 Silence and Serenity: Two old boathouses on the edge of a lake and their reflections in the water
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