Market to consumers at home

How do you market products and services when customers spend more time at home? The current situation presents marketers with new challenges. Right now, just before the holiday season starts, but also in the future.

A look at the trends

Global trends that already previously impacted retail really took off in 2020.

– Increase in media consumption, especially online. Consumers use different online platforms and multiple devices, often simultaneously.

– Sales in the e-commerce sector for a wide variety of consumer goods have skyrocketed, online shopping is very popular.

– Consumers today expect more than just online shopping, they expect digital experiences within their own four walls.

These trends are by no means temporary. Changes in behavior and consumer preferences will persist after the pandemic, and will even increase in individual areas. In order to continue to market products and services and to reach existing and potential customers, a realignment of marketing strategies and creativity is required. Digital and flexible omnichannel strategies and sales models are crucial, as author and retail expert Miya Knights already explained to us in an exclusive interview about current challenges in retail.

That sounds more complicated than it actually is. Even with simple measures, consumers can be successfully reached in various ways in their own home.

Your ideal customer

Find out as much as you can about your existing customers and their behavior. Who are they? Where are they and what are they doing right now? What do they need? Combine this data with your own customer expectations to create your ideal customer. Only when you know and understand your target group can you develop suitable strategies on how to reach, convince and hold them. Consumer behavior in general is changing rapidly. Shopping behaviour and interaction with companies, brands differ from generation to generation. Regularly check your ideal customer profile critically to determine whether your marketing strategies are still fitting or whether you need to make adjustments.

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Be where your customers are

Reach your customers through the right channels, more precisely through the channels they are actively using. In 2020 the world went virtual. Digital channels are essential to reach consumers at home. Focus your efforts and money here. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, which are difficult to adapt in the short term, digital campaigns are much more flexible and can be adapted both faster and more cost-effectively.
Your own website, landing pages, online shops and marketplaces, social media, Facebook and Instagram shops, digital ads; use all available and suitable online channels to reach consumers. However, not only provide a place for your customers to find you, also be present. Offer extras like support hours, chat functions, live-streams, webinars, respond to comments and be there for your customers.

Use (the right) social media channels…

Anyone who is not present on social media channels has and will find it hard to keep in touch with customers. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter… Not every social media platform is suitable for everyone. Find out where your target group (your ideal customer) spends their time and focus your resources on these platforms.

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…to connect and interact

Social media platforms offer various possibilities to connect and actively interact with consumers. Think about what you can offer to your customers, from what they would profit. This can be information about news, products, services and promotions. Posts about related content, self-created surveys and more.
Especially live video functions are on a rise. They are the perfect mix of virtual and personal and can be used to engage with consumers on various levels and build better customer relationships. Whether a question-answer-session, digital consultation, a webinar, or a live demonstration of your products and services. Even with a few minutes, you can effectively show your presence and reach your customers as long as you share useful and valuable content.

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Demonstrate how products/services can be used at home

Your customers want to know exactly what they get from you. Give them the best possible idea of what you offer and how they can benefit from it at home. Photos, videos, how-to’s… the more you show, the more trust you create and the more likely customers will make a purchase. Depending on what you are offering, you may need to get a bit creative. Don’t be afraid to try something new. For example, show your products/services in a completely new context at home and surprise your customers with something they may never have thought of before.

Focus on valuable content

Think about what your customers need right now and what you can offer them. Focus on the products/services that are currently in higher demand than others. Connect them with other complementary products and services if suitable. Support your content with suitable visuals. Visuals, such as images, photos, videos, graphics, etc. attract a lot more attention and stay in the head longer than just plain text.
Most important: Do not simply try to sell. Provide valuable and relevant content. These can be directly related to products/services. News and updates about shipping and delivery times. But also things like a view behind the scenes of the company, the brand or entertaining content. The more relevant the content, the more it helps to build a relationship and engagement.

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Optimise your media presence and product pages

Speaking of visual content: When was the last time you critically took a look at your own visual presentation. This is especially important for your product pages. Not just to make sure your target audience finds you. But above all, to turn prospects into customers. Is all your information up-to-date? Do you use the correct keywords? How do you present yourself and your products/services? Don’t forget to check your product images. Both quantity and quality count. In order to get the most out of your product images, check out our FAQ about product images and our tips on how to optimize your images for the web.


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