Our guide to convincing product images

In the world of selling, everything stands and falls with the proper presentation of your products. This is especially true online, where potential customers can not touch or try out your products. The visual product presentation and the quality if the product images are the most important aspects in e-commerce.

For 80% of the online shoppers, product images are most important while online shopping. Customers want to see what they buy. Every detail, every feature, from every angle. Images help your customers to understand the quality and components of your products better than any description. You should not waste this opportunity for a sale with blurry, meaningless, too small and too few pictures.

In this article, we show you how to achieve good and high-quality product images.

Size matters

When it comes to product images, it is all about: the bigger, the better. High quality and richness of detail can not be achieved through small pictures. Large, high resolution images are much more effective for sales. And only above a certain minimum size, the zoom function can be used properly on most e-commerce marketplaces. Also, keep the balance between image quality and file size and pay attention to the correct format.

Amount and variety

Several, diverse pictures are better than just one or two. Only with enough images potential customers get a clear idea of your product. The better customers are informed, the more likely they will make a purchase. Showcase your customers your product at its best, with all relevant details and possibly accessories.
Start with a main picture, which shows your product only. Mostly a front shot or a 45-degree angle shot. Followed by a series of pictures that give an overview of the complete product. Close-ups illustrate details, features, textures and quality. In addition, medium shots from various angles (front, back, diagonal, side, bottom, top, inside). If your product can be modified (e.g. zipped or unzipped, way to carry a bag) or has an interesting packaging, show it as well. Finish with a picture that shows you product in the context of a real-life environment or situation.

Br24 Tips product images: E-commerce example, different angles shoe

Neutral background

Choose a neutral, solid background. A plain white background usually fits best, lets the product stand out and looks professional. Coloured backgrounds should not distract from the product. Most marketplaces require a white background anyway, at least for the main picture. So you can easily use the same images on different platforms. In addition, a white background saves time and costs in the subsequently image editing process.

Stay consistent

Consistency creates a professional overall impression and trust. This applies to angles, alignments, margins and backgrounds. And also for possible shadows. A subtle shadow can give your pictures depth and dimension. However, stick to one type, e.g. a subtle drop shadow. Shadows can be easily integrated during image editing.

Br24 Tips product images: E-commerce, diamond ring with neutral background and subtle shadow

Props and accessories

They are sometimes necessary to illustrate the function or the size of a product. However, make sure that they do not distract from the actual product. Or worse, be misinterpreted as part of the product. Use as few props and accessories as possible.

Follow the guidelines

Each marketplace in the e-commerce sector has specific requirements for product images. To prevent images or product from being rejected, be sure to follow these guidelines. The main requirements of the three largest players; Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping; can be found in our infographic.

Br24 Blog Infographic: Chart Marketplace Image Guidelines

Professional image editing

To obtain high-quality, consistent and great product images, the professional post-processing should not be missed. Clippings, maskings, colour corrections, image retouching and more. Our highly qualified team ensures that your product images always inspire and meet all requirements. Professional image editing according to your wishes – always in the highest-quality, fast and reliable. At the same time, we help you to optimise your image processing workflow and thus save time and money.

Br24 – Your professional partner in all matters of image editing!