Images will remain in the head – How important is visual content?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This old saying has a true core. Because images convey information much faster and easier than text. And in times of almost unmanageable information overload, you need to take full advantage of this potential.


Our brain is lazy

Unlike texts, our brain captures visual content from images, graphics, photos etc. much faster and easier. With just one glance, we are able to recognise the subject of visual content and to assess its relevance. In order to understand the meaning of a text, first we have to understand their entire complexity. This is exhausting and takes time. Visual content makes concessions to meets the convenience of our brain.
And the facts speak for themselves:

Br24: Infographic facts about importance of visuals related to human brain


The language of the 21st century is visual

“Content is king.” But even more important are the components of the content. To stand out of the masses of information and to get the chance to get noticed at all, a message has to be recognisable at first sight.
Our attention span is very short. Due to the constant presence of all kinds of content, especially in digital media, we usually give no more than 8 seconds to assess them and to be convinced. Particular for complex topics, it is nearly impossible to catch the attention by text alone. And today, hardly anyone spends time reading long texts. Which is why the power of images is greater than ever.
Visual contents are more than just a nice extra. They play an essential role in the transmission and explanation of information as well as messages. This potential has to be used.

Br24: Comparison text and image - mouth-watering and burger

Did you first look at the text or the image? You see, visual content works, remains in the head and, most important, attracts attention.


Visual Content Marketing is the magic word

For modern and successful marketing, visual content is indispensable. And no company can do without it today. Whether for products, services, ideas or visions – especially images help to convey the desired message and to permanently imprint them in the target group’s memory. The advantages are convincing:

Rapid information transfer:
As already said, our brain works mainly visually. Through visual stimuli, various target groups can be reached in a short time and efficiently.

Visual content appeals to us on an emotional level. Thus we are able to process the information faster and they stay longer in our memory.

Even complex information can be shown clearly and easy to understand by a visual support. This gives the target group a clear vision of what it is all about. Thus, the target group has a clear vision of what it is all about.

Increase the conversion rate:
A person who is faster and better informed also decides quicker; for example about purchasing a product. At the same time, visual content improves the credibility and the first impression.

Both, the focus of the audience and the mode of perception can be influenced and controlled by visual content. And Visual Content Marketing is more successful than any other form of communication.

Br24: Infographic facts about the importance of visual content

It is no wonder, that the focus on visual content in marketing is getting stronger and stronger. A survey among marketers, conducted by Venngage in 2016, showed that the use of visuals for marketing strategies is absolutely necessary. The majority of respondents indicated that the use of visual content should be further increased in 2017. At the same time, however, the majority also said that they spend a little time creating appropriate visuals. And usually, only around 10 % of the total budget is spent on visuals.
The biggest obstacles for Visual Content Marketing are quality, time and costs. To constantly produce interesting and high-quality visuals is particularly important. This, however, requires time to deal with the content and presentation forms. And this in turn causes internal costs.
Outsourcing is a lucrative alternative. Visual content in the highest quality, flexible available whenever you need it and at fair prices – this is what you get at Br24. From professional image editing and image retouching, to layout design, to the limitless possibilities of CGI. With us, you get everything from one source, exactly to your wishes.


The right mix of perfect quality

It is not at all necessary to explain everything with just one image. This is also rarely possible. In order to achieve the best possible understanding of the transmitted content, the right mix is decisive. Text combined with images, graphics and illustrations, moving images as video in conjunction with sound, facts clearly presented as infographics … Visuals come in many shapes.
Visuals can stand for themselves, for example, an infographic or imagery for advertising. Or they complement other content; such as illustrations, photos and images to an article, summary graphics to a list, or explanatory product images.
The purpose of visual content is to convey information. At the same time, their goal is to communicate a message visually and to support the viewer in understanding it (in the right way). Thereby good quality is crucial. One poorly unsuitable image is enough and the message is transmitted incorrectly or is even completely lost. And lower quality also always has a negative impact on the message. To ensure that your message always reaches your target group, perfect images of the highest quality always come first at Br24.

Br24: Comparison text and image - German quality and beer barrel

The interaction of images, graphics, texts and other content, as well as their convincing presentation must not be forgotten either. With professional layout design, we ensure that your content is presented in the right light.

With professional image editing and image retouching, we create expressive images that convey your message perfectly. With the limitless possibilities in CGI, we create a new reality and images according to your visions.

Would you like to find out more? No problem, feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution for you.
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