Outsourcing image editing to Br24 – We know what matters

Nowadays, outsourcing is common in many company divisions. Including in digital image editing. But is outsourcing in this sector worthwhile at all? And what has to be considered? We will tell you.

Is it worth it at all?

The answer is simple: Yes! Whether for large or small businesses, the potential for outsourcing of digital image processing is enormous.

It is about time. The time of you, your employees, your business is extremely valuable. Editing images often takes more time than you think. And therefore cause a lot of costs. By outsourcing this work, you can fully focus your time, your energy and your money on your core business and high-growth tasks.

It is about flexibility. Outsourcing brings high flexibility. You can always access resources respond quickly and even take on more work than before. Your flexibility increases. At the same time, you have no expenses if there is no work to do. Fixed costs become variable costs.

Because, of course, it is about costs. Expenses for an own infrastructure with professional software are reduced. In addition, you have access to expert knowledge of highly qualified specialists. Whose core competency is exactly what you need – digital image editing. Which in turn leads to high-quality results. But at a lower cost.

You can see, outsourcing digital image editing pays off both in the short and long term. Higher productivity, increasing sales and increasing efficiency in particular speak for themselves.

Br24 Outsourcing - Infographic benefits of outsourcing with Br24

We pay attention to this

Not everywhere where professional service is offered to you, you will also get it. We tell you what is important. And why you can entirely rely on us.

Unfortunately, a cheap price unfortunately often results in a very low level of professionalism. In many cases, insufficient qualified staff is employed. The fluctuation is high. Often professional software with official licensing is missing. The work is carried out with illegal means. Important updates and new features cannot be used and the production chain can stand still at any time. Cheap therefore often means poor quality and a high risk.
At Br24, it is always about the highest quality, not the lowest price. We rely our highly qualified and experienced staff as well as long-term relationships with them. And the use of professional software with official licenses is a matter of course for us. Production reliability and the highest quality are always guaranteed with us.

Br24: highly qualified employees in our image processing in Vietnam

Outsourcing means you give your work into the hands of others. The consequences are often qualitatively different results. The risk of changing the style of your pictures is high. In addition, communication and cooperation are often complicated by the language barrier. Asian countries are still at the top of outsourcing. English is widespread, but the level is currently often not very high.
At Br24 we also benefit from the lucrative outsourcing conditions in the Asian region. Image processing takes place in our subsidiary in Vietnam. Here, the educational standards are steadily increasing and good English skills are widespread. Native speakers and translators ensure that each instruction is passed on exactly. Our employees are trained by German experts to recognize and maintain the individual customer style. Thorough preparation and research, a multi-staged quality control and a German project supervision always and continuously ensure our high quality.

Last but not least, outsourcing is also about working conditions. Many countries lure with low labour costs. Poor working conditions unfortunately are all too often the downside.
We believe that a company’s values should not change just because the production is in another country. Our production in Vietnam is under a German management. Like this we not only ensure our high German quality standards, but also excellent working conditions. We offer all our employees secure jobs, with fair salaries and benefits.

Br24: German competence and German quality in image editing

Image processing successfully outsourced with Br24

In order to successfully outsource image editing, it is not enough to search just for the cheapest price. Image editing and retouching is a time consuming process. That requires professional editing, visual imagination and know-how in using different editing tools. Therefore, do not leave these tasks to chance, but us. Qualified and experienced specialists.

At Br24 you will find exactly what you need – Always the highest quality. Fast, efficient, reliable and at best prices.