Visions become reality – Part 2

In the first part of “Visions become Reality” we took a closer look at the world of digital image editing. In this part, we will turn to the importance of expressive layouts. And will also show you what is possible in the world of CGI.


The perfect stage for every content – Shaping layouts in InDesign

Flawless images and interesting content alone are not sufficient. The combination of images, texts, graphics and other media – their staging is also of crucial importance.
Whether flyer, posters, brochures, magazines, catalogues, books, presentations, business cards, websites, online publications, digital magazines, newsletter, advertisements and more. Without a convincing presentation, the best message loses its effect. And this means that for content, be it online or in print, there is no way around a professionally created layout design.

Br24: Layout Design for fashion magazine / Layoutdesign für Modemagazin

Many layouts usually contain images, graphics, texts, diagrams and other content across multiple pages. Whether complex, multi-page layouts, templates or master layouts – to shape layouts, we rely on the many years of experience of our experts and the professional software Adobe InDesign. Whether it is the implementation of drafts or the adaptation of prefabricated designs, we shape every layout exactly according to your visions.

Br24: Layout Design for magazine / Layoutdesign für Magazin

For optimal results, we combine our entire range of services.
With the possibilities of image editing we ensure expressive images. From images, sketches, templates etc. we create detailed, flexible and highly scalable vector graphics for logos, pictograms, illustrations and more. In the process of page harmonization, we ensure accurate colour management. During the process of editing your layouts, you retain complete control over content and the placement with the comfortable coordination of all data in the DALIM softproof system.
Individual layout design in InDesign combined with professional image editing. We create the perfect stage for your content, always in the highest quality.


CGI – Imagination has no limits

Incredible images, exactly according to your visions. CGI, Computer Generated Imagery, has blurred the lines between reality and virtuality. Because with CGI, it is possible to create photo-realistic images completely or partially with professional 3D software.
Let us show you the limitless possibilities of CGI.

CGI Modelling

We create virtual models of objects, products and more from sketches, samples, photos, images, CAD-files, blueprints, 2D and 3D files or visions.

3D Texturing

Realistic textures define and clarify the material as well as the visual state of models, objects and surfaces.

Br24: CGI baseball equipment on green grass/ CGI Baseball Ausrüstung auf grünem Gras

Interior and Exterior Visualizations

With CGI we create photo-realistic interior and exterior visualizations, perfect in every detail. With harmonious lighting, precise textures and colours, matching interior and exterior appearance.

3D Lighting

With 3D lighting, we present your visions in the best light. Through various light setups with virtual light sources, we create in CGI different lighting scenarios and lighting moods.

Br24: CGI Chair and good lighting / CGI Stuhl und gute Beleuchtung

360 Degree Panorama

With an interactive 360 degree panorama, we show every important detail and provide a comprehensive overall impression of buildings, facilities, places, surroundings or products.

Environment 3D Modelling

Whether the integration of natural landscapes or planned infrastructure. For the presentation of real estate and construction projects or in product marketing, an aesthetically pleasing environment is absolutely essential.

BR24: CGI housing estate/ CGI Wohnsiedlung

Your Vision, Our Creation

The versatile possibilities and enormous flexibility of three-dimensional visualizations by CGI are a perfect addition to image editing. All our CGI images are passed on to our image editing process for perfect results.

CGI visualizations offer many advantages for various applications.
Once virtually created models can be used and designed in multiple ways. Directly or subsequently we create all conceivable viewing angles, lighting styles, colour variants and more. Complex technical and functional processes can be presented clearly. Adaptations and changes can be implemented quickly. Save time and money: Products, packaging, designs and concepts can be visualized, tested and adapted even before production and launch. Documents for marketing and sales can be created prior to realization or production.

In addition, CGI visualizations are seamlessly combinable with real images. And at the same time, they offer the possibility to create images that would be impossible in reality. With the creative possibilities of CGI the imagination has no limits.

We create the reality according to your visions with CGI. You would like to find out more? No problem, feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

Bring your visions to life – With Br24!