Visions become Reality – Part 1

Part 1: Professional Image Editing – What is it?

Image Editing is of crucial importance today. There are hardly any images, that do not pass through this process. Professional editing can improve the quality of images greatly and gets the best out of every image. Image retouching, colour correction, composing and more; image editing offers incredibly diverse possibilities.

In the first part of “Visions become Reality” we will show you what exactly lies behind the individual terms of image editing.

Image retouching in perfection

Can you get a perfect picture from the beginning? Image flaws, scratches, stains, small blemishes or disturbing elements detract from the message of the image and then an image is just not perfect.
With image retouch we make flawless and perfect images possible. Objects, people, products and the entire image are subsequently edited, corrected, manipulated and optimized. Most of the time the main tasks of retouching are removing unwanted spots, adjusting the brightness, contrast and colour as well as sharpen or soften the image or single areas. To ensure that the appropriate adjustments are invisible in the final result, great care and extremely precise work is necessary. This is no problem for our experts with years of experience.

Br24 Retouching: Profile men close-up/ Br24 Retusche: Profil Mann close-up

Fascinating Images by Colour Correction

Accurate colours are extremely important for every image. But due to various factors, such as the general illumination conditions, the camera position and the selected white balance, the colour output of images can vary. The result: The images do not reflect the actual colours or the desired colour effects. During the colour correction process we subsequently adjust, edit, brighten or intensify colours, contrasts and brightness. To ensure exact colouring and a perfect colour atmosphere. Slightly altered colour nuances or vibrant colour effects, adjustment of colour balance, saturation and contrast or even exchange of complete colours are possible. With colour correction, images can not only be significantly improved, but also the entire impression of an image can be changed.
During the so-called colour masking, we select individual areas of an image pixel-precise by hand, so it is possible to subsequently modify these areas separately. This enables fast and precise changes of colours, designs and textures. What particularly in product representations means tremendous savings of time and costs.

Br24 Colour Correction: cucumber slices in green and pink / Br24 Farbkorrektur: Gurkenscheiben in Grün und Pink

Create Reality with Composing

With composing, also known as image montage, we create a completely new reality. Surroundings, backgrounds, shadows, disturbing objects – often images contain elements that distract from the main content. Composing offers incredible possibilities: Removing, adding or shifting objects and people, exchanging backgrounds, creating new designs and settings and more. Whether for advertising, corporate design, presentations or websites; With composing, any picture composition is possible.
There is no composing without high-quality clippings. Using pixel-precise vector paths, our editors extract objects from their originally environment, regardless of image or object complexity. To isolate highly detailed objects such as fine hair, eyelashes, fur or even partial transparent elements such as smoke, we use alpha masks.
For harmonious images that are indistinguishable from reality, knowledge about anatomy, optical rules and design theory are also important. Only through the fine-tuning of light, shadows, colour temperature and brightness it is possible to connect all elements to a coherent overall image.
With composing, clipping and alpha masking we create images that match the requirements and visions in every single detail.

Br24 Composing: profile of a beautiful woman merged with black and white forest scenery / Br24 Composing: Profil einer hübschen Frau, verschmolzen mit einer schwarz-weißen Waldlandschaft

With professional image editing, we get the most out of your images.
You would like to find out more? No problem, feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

And what else is possible? In our second part of “Visions become Reality” we will turn to the topic of editing layouts with Adobe InDesign and show you the exciting world of CGI.

Bring your visions to life – With Br24!