The Google Speed Update – Are your images ready?

In January 2018, Google announced a new ranking algorithm for mobile search. The “Speed Update”. As of July 2018, google will include the load speed of mobile pages as a ranking factor. Which means that faster loading websites will benefit.
For some time, the loading speed of websites has been increasingly prioritised by Google. Since 2010, the loading times of desktop versions are indirectly evaluated as a factor. Since 2016, AMP websites (Accelerated Mobile Pages), webpages optimised for mobile use, have been highlighted by Google. The main objective of the upcoming Speed Update is to provide users with an enhanced mobile search experience.
The mobile performance of websites is becoming increasingly important. This should play an important role in optimising websites. Not only to achieve better rankings, but also to provide the best possible user experience. Because in addition to Google, the users are particularly sensitive to speed. You can find out more about this topic in our article “Speed matters, in every context!”.

Br24 Blog Google Speed Update: Desktop and mobile view of website with loading bar

Now is the right time to prepare your images

In addition to slow server speed, redundant code and unneeded content, especially non-optimised images lead to poor loading times. Websites with large image files or a high number of images, such as those from photographers or in e-commerce, particularly benefit from optimising their images.

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