The Shutterstock Color Trends 2021

Shutterstock has released its annual color trend report. The forecast is based on the analysis of billions of pixel data along with search queries and image downloads. The result is the Shutterstock Color Report 2021 with the three top colors that will dominate the coming year as well as a preview of global color trends for 20 different countries.

We’re leaving the saturated hues that defined 2020 behind. According to the report, the new year is all about a rich color palette inspired by nature.


A soft, glowing tint of white evoking an escapist desire to embark on a new journey.

Br24 Blog The Shutterstock Color Trends 2021: Moodboard for the color Set Sail Champagne
Image: © Shutterstock

“A warming, creamy hue with a soft hint of orange, Set Sail Champagne is an ultra-flattering and comforting alternative to white. … Containing small doses of yellow and magenta, the color is warm and rosy, with an elegant, antique tone.“

This natural hue goes especially well with an earth-toned color palette including browns, taupes, and greens. The combination with light, pastel colors creates a modern, elegant color palette.


A rich shade of gold representing the chance happenings and happy coincidences found in life’s moments.

Br24 Blog The Shutterstock Color Trends 2021: Moodboard for the color Fortuna Gold
Image: © Shutterstock

“This deep, enveloping color blends the warmth of orange with the lure of gold. Fortuna Gold is an antique gold hue with undertones of brown, olive, and yellow. … The color of centuries-old coins, rediscovered gold statuettes, and precious talismans, this is the gold of the ancient world, intertwined with fortune and divinity.”

Combined with intense jewel tones, like amethyst purple and turquoise green, a dramatic color palette is created. For a softer palette, mix it with earthy tones such as terracotta.


A deep teal with touches of yellow and blue—just like the constant ebb and flow of ocean tides, this color is a reminder that change is a given.

Br24 Blog The Shutterstock Color Trends 2021: Moodboard for the color Tidewater Green
Image: © Shutterstock

“Inspired by the ebbs and flows of tides and seasons, this deep, molten teal is both dynamic and subtle—a sophisticated, salving color lifted from the dark, quiet places of the natural world. … Tidewater Green contains more green than blue, and gets its depth from its gray undertone. A dash of yellow also gives this color a sense of energy.“

Together with its complementary color red-orange, Tidewater Green creates a super saturated color scheme. Light, bright color palettes are grounded with the hue.


Global color trends

Explore the world’s most trending colors based on image searches and downloads in different countries.

Br24 Blog The Shutterstock Color Trends 2021: Overview of the global trend colors for 24 countries

The detailed color report can be found in the Shutterstock blog.

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