Pinterest adds Shop tab to Lens visual search results

Pinterest makes it easier for its own users to shop with their smartphone camera. The platform integrates a new ‘Shop’ tab in its Lens camera search results, that will showcase in-stock products that match a photo taken in real life.

Lens can use images from offline or online. Users can either take a new photo, or upload a screenshot or older photo. Pinterest then highlights relevant product matches on the new ‘Shop’ tab, including prices and the possibility to purchase them directly on the retailer’s checkout page.

Br24 Blog Pinterest Shop Tab: animated demonstration of the Shop tab in Pinterest Lens visual search results
Image: © Pinterest

As Pinterest explains:

“Just click the camera in the search bar, snap or upload a photo, and see a “Shop” tab with a feed of shoppable Pins based on the in-stock products we’ve identified in that image. Every Product Pin links directly to the checkout page on the retailer’s site.”

Lens was originally intended to help consumers to find matching products that they see in stores, for example. With the ‘Shop’ tab, users can now search and purchase products without leaving home.

Shopping with visual search

According to Pinterest, the number of visual searches using the Lens camera has tripled compared to 2019. Image driven shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Users are getting more and more used to shopping with the smartphone cameras. Instead of scrolling through endless product lists, consumers are looking for inspiration in real-life and want to make transactions right away.

Pinterest has already made some efforts to make shopping with Pinterest easier; for users as well as retailers, businesses and brands. To make it easier for small businesses to upload their product catalogues, Pinterest recently launched a partnership with Shopify. In May ‘Shopping Spotlights’ was launched, a new way to shop curated picks from influencers and publishers. Earlier this year, Pinterest introduced ‘Try On’, an augmented reality function to test out different shoppable lip colours using Lens camera. The ‘Shop’ tab continues Pinterest’s shift towards a social commerce or even e-commerce platform.


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