New AI-powered Object Selection Tool for Photoshop

Selecting objects with just one click? The latest feature from Adobe Photoshop makes it possible.

Just before the start of the Adobe MAX 2019 conference in Los Angeles, USA (4th-6th November), Adobe released a video that shows a stunning new feature for the Photoshop desktop version. Already on the first day of the conference, Adobe announced that the new Object Selection Tool is integrated with the latest Photoshop update, which has been available since November 5th.

Photoshop offers several selection tools, such as the Lasso or Magic Wand Tool. However, depending on the complexity of the objects, isolating them can be very time-consuming. The new Object Selection Tool promises to speed up this workflow using Sensei technology, Adobe’s platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Object Selection Tool is included in the same group as the Quick Selection or Magic Wand Tool and offers two modes: Marquee or Lasso. To select one or more objects, a simple quick selection box over the subject is sufficient to include the objects in the selection. In this way it is also possible to select individual parts of an object. For somewhat more complex subjects, the Lasso options helps to select multiple objects without integrating other nearby objects.

Selecting the general area around the objects is enough for Adobe’s Sensei AI engine to distinguish between the background, the object, and even parts of the object, and create a precise selection. The features of the new Object Selection tool are also available in the “Select and mask” workspace, so the selection can be further refined.

Check out the video to see the feature in action

In early October, Adobe introduced a similar feature for Photoshop Elements 2020. With just one click, the feature automatically selects the most important subject in a picture. Photoshop already offers this function since the beginning of 2018 with “Select Subject”. Both features work best when the foreground and background stand out clearly from each other.

The new Object Selection Tool goes a few steps further and allows for the precise and fast selection of multiple objects, the refinement of edges, and more. Which will certainly speed up the selection workflow from now on.