Google Photos Colorize feature in beta soon?

A year ago, the Colorize feature for Google Photos, announced at the Google I/O 2018, caused excitement. But then it became quiet and some people already wondered if the function would ever come.

Colorize will make it possible to automatically convert black and white images into colour images. As with many developments, Google relies also at Colorize on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Color Pop feature implemented in Google Photos also uses AI. Color Pop converts the background of a photo into black and white, while the main subject remains coloured. The feature was announced along with Colorize and Android users can already use it.

Now, a year after the first announcement, Google revealed a status update to the Colorize feature. Although probably not entirely voluntary. The online portal Mashable took the recent Google I/O 2019 conference as an occasion to juxtapose Google’s announcements with their actual releases. And came to the conclusion that Google promised a lot, but delivers comparatively little. Which includes the Colorize feature.

After the article was published, David Lieb, product director at google, commented on Twitter.

Lieb announced that they are working on Colorize, but the feature is not ready for launch yet. He also said that they did not want to rush and gave a little taste of the feature. Lieb used a photo of his grandparents to demonstrate the current state of Colorize and pointed out that there is still a lot to do. What he shows is promising.

Finally, Lieb tweeted that he hopes to release Colorize as a beta soon. However, he did not specify a time frame or even a precise time. So we have to continue to be patient and be curious.