Chúc mừng năm mới!

With this greeting, whole Vietnam celebrates the New Year festival “Tết”. Tết is celebrated from the first to the third day of the first month based on the Chinese lunar calendar. And is the most important holiday in Vietnam. On 16. February 2018, the year of the dog begins.

Various customs and traditions accompany the festival. Based on ancient traditions “tiền mừng tuổi” is given away, lucky money in red envelopes. This is meant to bring wealth and luck in the new year to the recipient and banish evil spirits. Also the first visitor in the new year determines luck or misfortune. Therefore, a house should be entered at Tết only after an invitation. In companies, for example, the management is often the first to enter the premises.

Br24 wishes Happy Lunar New Year!

Celebrating with the family

Tết itself is celebrated within the family; with all relatives, traditional dishes such as rice cake “bánh chưng”, presents, festive decorations in red and yellow which symbolize luck and in new clothes. If possible, those who live apart from their families travel to their relatives. As support and appreciation of the work, many companies traditionally pay a Tết bonus to their employees. This voluntary bonus, comparable to Christmas bonus in Western companies, is an important addition in the year for many employees.

Br24 staff celebrate lunar new year/Tet

Our employees are crucial to our success. And we highly appreciate the passion, dedication and performance of all our employees. Wherever we can, we are happy to support our Br24 team. Every year we enable our employees to celebrate the important Tết festival together with their families. Every year, the entire Br24 Team also celebrates together on our big Tết party. With delicious food, an exciting lottery and lots of fun.

Br24 staff celebrate the new lunar year

Of course, also at Tết we let the visions of our customers come true. And we are planning ahead. You will receive all important information about Tết and your orders early from us personally or by e-mail. And if you have any questions, we are always there for you.

Br24 celebrates Tết – Celebrate with us!