The basics for online presence

The most important thing for your online presence? Perfect visual representation of products and high-quality product images. The most important facts at a glance.

General Image Enhancement

General image enhancement in post-processing includes, among others: correcting exposure and white balance. Image sharpening and perspective corrections. Adjustment of brightness, contrast and tone. Remove dust, scratches, stains, creases, reflections and disruptive elements.


Neutral and monochrome background colours are ideal. For easy to use on different platforms as well as time and cost savings in image editing processing, for example when creating clippings and alpha masks. A plain white background usually fits best, lets the product stand out, looks professional and is required from most marketplaces (for the main picture).

Br24 Neutral background: Picture of a watch, a necklace and a ring on a white background for an online shop, as an example for a neutral background

Colour correction & Recolour

Accurate colour representation is particularly important for product images, because customer expectations are only met if the colours are displayed realistically. Colour correction includes, among others: removing colour casts, correcting brightness, matching images, as well as adjusting hue, contrast and saturation. With colour masks, certain image areas can be adjusted separately and can be recoloured, for example. This makes it possible, to show the same article in various colour and design variants. Fast and cost effectively with just one picture.

Br24 Colour Correction, Recolour: Three pictures of a male model with a t-shirt in three different colour variantions as an example for colour masks and recolour

Ghost Model

The ghost model technique is perfect for the effective presentation of clothing. During post-processing, at least two photos are combined with each other and, for example, mannequins or busts are removed. The result show the garment in a perfect fit, as if worn by an invisible person. Without distractions and with all details.

Br24 Ghost Model: Before and after comparison of a skirt, processed with the ghost model technique

Flat Lay

This type of product presentation can often be seen in social media, often as a composition of different products. The setup is relatively simple and versatile at the same time: lay the products out flat and take pictures from above. Tools such as crumpled paper, fabric or air cushions for stuffing as well as pins, clips or tape help with the shaping. Flat lay compositions can also be realised in retrospective with clippings.

Shadow Effects

Shadows add depth to images and make products look more realistic and appealing. They can easily be added afterwards.

Br24 shadow effects natural shadow: Two toy car modesl with subsequently integrated natural shadows
Natural shadow: Realistic reproduction based on the incidence of light, light intensity, product position or optimisation of the original shadow. Suitable for every product.
Br24 shadow effects drop shadow: Blue sneaker with subsequently integrated drop shadow Drop Shadow: Placement directly or slightly laterally under the product. Positioning, length and intensity depending on the requirements. Often used for furniture, shoes, handbags.
Br24 shadow effects reflection shadow, mirror effect: Glass bottle with aromatic oil and two flowers with subsequently integrated reflection shadow. Reflection shadow / Mirror effect: Inverted reflection of the product below or next to the product to create the impression of a reflective surface for a high-quality overall look. Often used for jewellery, watches, sunglasses, make-up, perfume.

Props & Accessories

The focus is on the product, props and accessories should not distract from them. Use as few as possible and only to support the product, for example to illustrate the function or size. One or two lifestyle pictures that show the product in a real environment and in action are sufficient. Mannequins and busts or small stands, clips and threads can be removed in post-processing.

Br24 Product images accessoires: Red high heels on white background with perfume bottle, white flower and veil as suitable accessoires


Large, high quality, high resolution images are most effective for sales. They show all the details and are prerequisite for the zoom function of most e-commerce marketplaces. For online and mobile use, images need to be optimised. File size, correct cropping, file format and compression ensure fast loading times.

Amount & Variety

The better customers are informed, the more likely they will make a purchase. This is only achieved by enough images showing the product with all relevant details and accessories.
We recommend: Main shot from the front or at a 45-degree angle. Close-ups to illustrate details, textures and quality. Shots from various angles (front, back, diagonal, side, bottom, top, inside). Additional shots of special features, modifications or packaging. Additional lifestyle pictures in real-life surroundings.

Br24 Ghost Model: Before and after comparison of a jacket, processed with the ghost model technique


Consistency creates a professional overall impression and trust. This applies to angles, lighting, alignment, margins, cropping, backgrounds, shadows, etc.


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