Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce

The past two years have been quite a roller coaster ride. So it’s little surprise that many visual trends 2022 are still being influenced by, or are a reaction to, the ongoing pandemic. Many elements in our lives have changed; which is reflected in the way we behave, connect, visualise as well as what motivates us and what keeps us going.

Let’s dive into the visual trends of 2022 in imagery and e-commerce. What does the new year hold for us?

Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery

What will influence and guide visual, design, and motion trends in 2022?
Two major themes stand out: The reality is serious and at times frightening. People are longing for optimism and fun. Self-care, authenticity and a greener living increasingly become important to all of us. On the other hand, we are increasingly embracing technology and the digital metaverse is becoming a part of our life. We take a closer look at what to expect to see in imagery this year.

Optimism & Playfulness

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Optimism & Playfulness, group of women laughing and having fun outdoors

This trend is all about joy, hope, enthusiasm and laughter. Whether alone or together: Let’s enjoy the little moments in life and have some fun. Bright, bold colours and animated elements. Images of optimism, games, laughter and dancing. Authentic scenes with friends and family, as well as images of outdoor fun and activities. An optimistic and carefree, positive appearance. That lifts the spirits.

Get in Motion

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Get in Motion, group of people in the middle of a jump

Closely linked to the previous trend, movement and especially dance will be a central theme in 2022. It’s about life and vitality. Everybody seems to want to move, to feel the rhythm. Images of people dancing, dynamic movements, expressing themselves and connecting with each other. Instead of static designs, motion designs and animations offer a new possibility to connect with viewers.

Take Care our Yourself & Others

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Take Care our Yourself & Others, woman and man meditating outside in the sun

Our priorities have shifted. Material things are not as important anymore. Instead, self-care, our mental health and how happy we are is in the spotlight. Visuals focus on self-acceptance, feelings, body positivity and our connections to yourself and others. But it’s not just about ourselves. It’s about all of us. Humans are multifaceted. Inclusive designs and visuals that represent the diversity of people and do not exclude anyone based on gender, ethnicity, sexuality, body shape or any other aspect are essential. As long as they are authentic and truly reflect the world we live in.

Prioritised Sustainability

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Prioritised Sustainability, woman and two children outside gardening

We only have one planet to live on and are experiencing the effects and reality of climate change more than ever. Images that reflect a healthy planet, sustainability and environmentally-friendly practises are nice, but not enough. Consumers today recognise greenwashing very quickly. Brands are under increasing pressure and need to do more than just use clichéd colours, phrases and visuals. The use of sustainable materials, alternative resources, well-made products and transparent responsibilities along with strong, aesthetic and credible visuals that are thoughtfully used.

Artificial Worlds & The Metaverse

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Artificial Worlds & The Metaverse, abstract graphical blue lights

The more we integrate technology into our lives, the more accessible alternative (artificial) worlds become for us all. Cryptocurrencies, concerts taking place in digital venues, virtual fashion, limited edition art, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) … Digital reality allows us to discover new perspectives, ideas and worlds and adds an extra dimension to our reality. Otherworldly imagery, lifelike simulations of, for example, artificial nature. And then there is the so-called Metaverse. A world of virtual spaces that create a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, where people can interact, connect, explore and can find tranquillity online. Futuristic movements, special effects, bright colours, digital graphics and a welcoming environment are what we will see in this trend.

Visual Trends 2022 in E-Commerce

Businesses and brands continue to move online. The e-commerce industry is constantly growing. Visual content is indispensable in e-commerce, no one doubts that. And for a long time it has been about much more than just product images. What trends can we expect in this rapidly growing world?

Social Commerce

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Social Commerce, hands holding a smartphone and credit card

Globally, social media platforms have users in the billions; using them as sales channels therefore only makes sense. Keyword “Omnichannel Strategy”. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, WhatsApp … They all are constantly developing new possibilities to facilitate social commerce for both brands and consumers. The main goal: make everything take place in the social media channel. From product presentation and decision-making to purchase and checkout. Brands get involved in consumers’ everyday life, increase product visibility, can create stories, evoke emotions and get feedback. Consumers can find products, read reviews and can contact sellers directly. All without leaving the app.

Visual Commerce

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Visual Commerce, animated 360 degree image of a bicycle

Visual commerce takes static visuals to the next level by incorporating other content than simple product photos. This includes 3D visualisations and 360-degree images or videos, user-generated content, interactive content, engaging and interactive videos as well as augmented reality and virtual reality.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, two hands hold a tablet that shows the current inventory using augmented reality

AR and VR technology has incredible potential in e-commerce. It is used to improve the overall consumer experience by bringing in-store experiences to life via online. How? Enabling consumers to virtually try-on products such as clothes, glasses, makeup. Virtually visualise large products such as furniture in their own homes. Interactive product demonstrations. AR-based navigation in retail. To name just a few examples. AR/VR will become a significant factor in the future of e-commerce.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: User-Generated Content (UGC), man in front of a smartphone camera, filming himself

The trust in the authentic opinions of other consumers is higher than any brand claims. Therefore, more and more brands tend to integrate user-generated content into their marketing and sales strategies. This includes various forms of content posted by consumers on social media platforms such as self-made product pictures and videos, reviews, testimonials. UGS helps build trust, adds authenticity, serves as social proof, and increases the credibility of a brand and its products.


Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Personalisation, two hands holding a tablet with various advertisements on the screen

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are making it more and more easier to personalise content and present the right visuals at the right time. Based on specific customer information such as region, demographics, season, currency, etc., brands are able to deliver visual content that engages customers with relevant products. And thus capture the customers’ attention and increase product visibility.


Br24 Blog Visual Trends 2022 in Imagery & E-Commerce: Infographics, papers with schemes and charts on a table

It can be tough to communicate complex information. But if consumers do not understand a product and its features, they get quickly put off. The human brain can process visual information much faster than written text. Smart and beautiful infographics help to support the understanding of complex information in particular, highlight product features, generate a better customer experience, strengthen trust in a brand and ultimately increase sales.

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