Visual Trends 2017

Trends come and go, this is also the case with images. What do we expect in images and photography this year? We take a look at some of the most exciting visual trends in 2017.

Rise of Authenticity

More authentic and natural images will be one of the biggest trend in photography this year. Particularly consumers don’t want to see high polished, artificial-looking pictures with posing models anymore. The demand for original, candid and authentic images is growing rapidly. Emotions from real people in action, unfiltered, simple and natural, seemingly without (visible) editing; this is what the consumers want to see. Images like this will have the power to catch attention. Authenticity manifests itself as a trend and the effects are also noticeable in other trends.

Br24: Old women in the Streets of Cuba/ alte Frauen in den Straßen von Kuba

Comeback of the Film

The classic and authentic touch of film photography is coming back in 2017. Digital cameras and digital technology help to take stunning pictures. But still, film is an interesting medium to capture the real life and unique moments in an incomparably vibrant and interesting way. Today’s films offer a variety of tones, colors and depth to create exactly the desired atmosphere.

Br24: Vietnamese woman during harvest season/ Vietnamesische Frau während Erntesaison


The origin of this trend lies in social media. These images communicate on an incredibly unadulterated level. Through impulsive and non staged images, viewers can experience life from the perspective of others and even become a part of these images and lives. They experience the moment and feel the emotions.

Br24: Two men rafting / Zwei Männer beim Rafting

Use of Flash

For a long time, flashlight was rarely used in photography. But in 2017, flash has its comeback. Subtle as a backlight, for beaming glows or for bright highlights with hard shadows – flashlight photography defines images, gives them contour with an edgy style and helps to create a terrific atmosphere. Flashlight will be seen in many different areas of photography again.

BR24: Men profile in black and white/ Mann Seitenprofil in schwarz und weiss

Color Dose

2017, images no longer use the hitherto rather subdued color palette and make space for powerful and vibrant colors. Whether monotonous, unconventional or complementary, in unusual and dynamic combinations or even images that are composed only of different shades of color – colors will be used in completely new and creative ways. This colorful style will turn pictures into bright pop-art images that stand out from the crowd. Powerful and intense images, to make strong statements.

Br24: Men with yellow shirt, pink smoke, blue background/ Mann mit gelben Shirt, pinker Rauch, blauer Hintergrund

Interesting Patterns

Unusual and unique patterns are another upcoming trend. Interesting designs, shaped by ordinary and natural objects, will form the background for numerous images. They help to convey the message of an image in an artistic, yet customizable way. At the same time, the demand for simple patterns, preferably in bold colors, is increasing. Particularly for smartphones and other mobile devices, images with original and at the same time clear backgrounds are in high demand.

Br24: beautiful women with pattern dress in front of pattern background / Br24: Schöne Frau mit gemusterten Kleid vor gemusterten Hintergrund

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©Picture: Thanks to Cao Duy Hung
Cao Duy Hung travels by motorbike through Vietnam, to discover the beauty of hidden places. During his trip, he captures his impressions in beautiful pictures.