The Shutterstock Colour Trends 2019

Which colours gain popularity worldwide? That’s what Shutterstock has examined and derived the colour trends for 2019 from the results. The evaluation of billions of search queries on the platform from the year 2018 and a comparison of pixel data with image downloads showed:

UFO Green, Plastic Pink and Proton Purple are on the rise

Br24 Blog Shutterstock Colour Trends 2019: The three colour trends UFO Green, Plastic Pink, Proton Purple with hexadecimal codes

“[…] a neon trio of turbo-charged colors that perfectly capture the tech-crazy world.”

UFO Green
A bright green, that evokes lush green landscapes as well as swirling binary codes. Natural and supernatural at the same time.

Plastic Pink
A sizzling pink with a lot of depth and power that captures the glow of cities at night.

Proton Purple
A vivid purple that represents the perceptible positively charged energy of daily life.

In addition, the report shows the local favourites for 20 individual countries. For example Navy Blue in Australia, Plum in the UK, Lime Green in the US or Dark Turquoise in Germany. Discover all shades on the full infographic by Shutterstock.

Br24 Blog Shutterstock Colour Trends 2019: Infographic about the colour trends 2019 with UFO Green, Plastic Pink, Proton Purple and local favourites

More information about the trend colours 2019 at the Shutterstock blog.