Colour Correction – Perfect colours for brilliant images

An accurate, precise colouring and colour atmosphere provides expressive, vivid images. However, the colour output of images is affected by various factors such as white balance, incidence of light, or the position of the camera. And therefore the results do not always reflect the actual colours or desired effects.

During the Colour Correction, colours, lights, contrasts and brightness are optimized, adjusted, lightened and intensified by us, and distracting colour shades are removed. The possibilities are incredibly diverse: Whether slightly altered colour nuances, vibrant colour effects, adjustments of colour balance, saturation and contrast or a complete colour change. Improved blacks produce more depth and contrast, colour adjustments bring objects into focus, realistic colours create harmonious images. Through professional Colour Corrections and adjustments we optimize colour impression and overall effect of any image.

With beaming and perfect colours, we create brilliant images.