Online Shops

Image editing and retouching for your online shop

Professional image editing for the perfect product presentation in online shops and e-commerce. Optimal and convincing representation with high-quality product images. Br24 is your reliable partner for digital image editing, retouching, clipping, colour correction, composing, CGI, layout design. Fast, flexible, efficient and on fair conditions.

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Clipping, Alpha Masking, Colour Correction

Perfect product presentation with precise clippings and alpha masks. High-quality colour corrections and colour masks for a quick and cost-efficient display of different product variants and designs by easy recolouring.

Br24 Online Shops: Different views of a white sneaker as an example of clippings
Br24 Online Shops: Black dress, on the left on a mannequin, on the right cut out with alpha masking
Br24 Online Shops: male model with a T-shirt in three different colour variantions as an example for colour masks and recolour

Shadow, Ghost Model, CGI/3D

Appealing images with more depth through different shadow effects, such as natural shadow, drop shadow or reflection shadow (mirror effect). Present fashion, clothing and jewellery using the ghost model technique as realistically as possible, as if they were worn by a model. Creation of perfect virtual 3D models in CGI for products of all kinds based on photos, graphics, sketches and more.

Br24 Online Shops: Two toy car models with natural shadows as an example of shadow effects in product images
Br24 Online Shops: Before and after comparison of a jacket, processed with the ghost model technique
Br24 Online Shops: 3D model of a blue sofa as an example of product visualisation in CGI