Image editing for product images

Perfect product images for online shops: present products and services convincingly

Professional post-processing for product images through image editing and retouching is essential today. Whether for fashion and clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories, textiles, cosmetics, furniture, toys, electronics and high-end products such as cars, machines and tools.

Show your customers the quality, features, details and variety of your products with appealing and perfect product images. Convince with the accurate representation of different colours, textures and designs. Use extraordinary effects and dynamic representations such as zoom functions, 360-degree views or virtual images in CGI and 3D. For high-quality and uniform product images.

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Clipping & Alpha Masking for product images

Clipping or alpha masking Remove and/or change the background
Pixel-precise clipping paths Positioning of the product/person

Perfect product presentation with precise clippings and alpha masking. For the presentation in online stores, catalogues, advertising material, etc., clippings with a path and alpha masks are indispensable. With us you always get perfect quality, regardless of the complexity of the images.

Freisteller, Alphamaskierung: Wollmütze mit Fellpuschel vor freistellen mit AlphamaskierungFreisteller, Alphamaskierung: Wollmütze mit Fellpuschel nach freistellen mit Alphamaskierung


Product images: Colour Change & Colour Mask

Colour adjustment Recolouring & colouring
Improve contrasts Remove colour casts

Professional colour correction ensures accurate and realistic colour reproduction. An important factor for customer satisfaction. With colour masks, we offer an efficient way to present all available product variants (colours, designs, structures, textures) with just one initial image by simply recolouring.

Farbkorrektur: Blaue Pumps vor der Farbkorrektur und Umfärben mit FarbmaskenFarbkorrektur: Rote Pumps nach der Farbkorrektur und Umfärben mit Farbmasken


Image Retouching & Product retouching

Remove dust & scratches Portrait and model retouching
Shadows and reflections Composing

Product retouching is about the optimal presentation of a wide variety of products for online and print. From general image enhancements to shadow effects. We turn conventional photos into professional and high-quality product images.

Produktretusche: silberner Diamantring vor der ProduktretuscheProduktretusche: silberner Diamantring nach der Produktretusche


Image editing for product images: Composing

Remove, insert, move, replace Coordinated down to the finest detail
Impressive imagery Realistic & creative

Create a new image from multiple image elements and backgrounds. Seamlessly integrate individual motifs and elements into existing images or remove, move, and replace them. High-quality clippings, maskings, and alpha maskings are used to create impressive imagery during composing.

Composing: Einkaufszentrum vor dem ComposingComposing: Einkaufszentrum mit posierenden Models die durch Composing im Bild integriert wurden


E-commerce & online shops: Hollow Man

Neck retouch & inlay Remove props
Shape adjustment 360-degree view

With this retouching technique, we combine two or more product images to remove a model, mannequin or bust. Also known as invisible model/ghost model, neck retouch, inlay retouch, collar retouch or inlay. The technique is widely used in the fashion industry. As a result, the garment looks as if it were worn by an invisible model.

Ghostmodel: Jacke an Mannequin vor der Bearbeitung mit der Ghostmodel-Technik (Hollowman)Ghostmodel: Jacke auf weißem Hintergrund nach der Bearbeitung mit der Ghostmodel-Technik (Hollowman)


E-commerce & online shops: CGI / 3D for product visualisation

Full flexibility 3D-Modelling
3D-Texturing 3D-Lighting

Creation of perfect virtual 3D models in CGI for products of any kind based on photos, graphics, sketches and more. Full flexibility in rendering, design and adaptation. Different colours, textures, materials, surfaces as well as views and perspectives.

CGI: 3D Modell eines Kopfhörers vor Färben und TexturierungCGI: 3D Modell eines Kopfhörers nach Färben und Texturierung


We put your products in the perfect spotlight.
With professional image editing for product images in highest quality.

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