Photography meets CGI meets image editing

No doubt, CGI is changing the world of image creation and photography. And to enhance the outcome, today an incredible number of images come into contact with CGI in some way. And CGI offers enormous benefits. But that does not mean that you have to choose between photography and CGI. On the contrary. Many “good” pictures are good because they are a mixture of real photography and CGI.

Photography, CGI and image editing should not be considered independently, but as a useful supplement to each other. The areas merge more and more with each other. The procedure behind this is called hybrid method or hybrid CGI. And the resulting hybrid images combine the best of the real and the virtual world. This type of image creation is already used in many areas, such as advertising, product images, architecture, real estate, beauty, fashion and more.

Reality only through highest quality

A typical approach is, for example, the placement of 3D objects in a photographic background, such as the photography of a landscape. The corresponding 3D objects are photo-realistically rendered into the image setting. Conversely, photographed objects can also be integrated into completely virtual constructed environments. There are hardly any creative limits. Decisive is always the quality of the results.

Br24 Blog: Hybrid CGI landscape with lavender field, texture

Creating a hybrid image is one thing, but creating a photo-realistic hybrid image is another. It is all about the details while creating and post-processing. Realistic perspectives, proportions, lighting conditions, textures etc. play an important role. During image editing various adjustments are made, such as colour corrections, adjusting light and shadow as well as contrasts. So that a distinction between real or photographed image parts and in CGI created elements is not possible in the final result.

Why a combination with CGI?

Numerous benefits argue for the hybrid method. CGI provides ways to reduce costs and create images in a fraction of the time otherwise required. Expensive on-location shootings can be replaced. Travel and production costs, costs for location, equipment, probs, photographers and a team are eliminated. Risk factors such as bad weather during outdoor shootings are no longer an issue. Also, special requirements for the type of presentation, which might not be possible in reality or only with great effort, can be realized by combining CGI and photography. Elements that would be too time-consuming (and not very cost-effective) to create in CGI, on the other hand, can be integrated with photographs.
In product advertising it also often happens that products physically do not exist yet. But first advertising measures must already be prepared. With the help of prototypes, CAD data, drafts etc. detailed 3D models can be created in advance.

Br24 Blog Hybrid CGI product: Wristwatch with brown leather strap

At the same time, combining CGI with photography offers immense flexibility and creativity. Various elements can be added, exchanged or removed during image processing. And 3D data significantly increases the flexibility of the presentation. Once a 3D model has been created, multiple variations can be realized on this basis, often without much additional expenses. Colour, texture, material, surface and incident of light can be changed and updated quickly. Different views and perspectives are possible. In addition, the created models can be used for the production of additional content, such as animations or videos.

Br24 Blog hybrid CGI: white cabinet in different views, product animation

Grandiose photos, stunning CGI visualizations, excellent image editing. We combine the potential of all areas. The results are high-quality images without compromises. Exactly like our clients imagine them.

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