From the idea to the layout – This is how we do it

Not only content, also layout is important. A good layout helps with orientation, ensures order and the perfect presentation of all contents. Whether in the online or print sector, for newsletters, websites, catalogues, advertising media, packaging and more. Layout design is indispensable.


The briefing

You already have an idea? Perfect, share it with us. You are not sure yet which direction to take? No problem, we can advise and support you.
At the beginning of each project there is always a briefing. Ideally, the briefing includes all relevant and important information: What is needed and for what? What are the specifications, requirements, goals and intentions? What contents are involved and they are provided by whom? And whatever else is important for the project. Based on this, we will provide you with an individual offer. Once all questions have been clarified and the order is placed, our creative work begins.


Time for creativity

Based on your specifications, our team produces the first rough scribbles and designs that already contain all essential design elements.

Br24 Layout: two scribbbles for design of milk packaging

Effective and high-quality results require comprehensive preparation. We analyse comparable media products from your market segment. Include industry and target group specific requirements. And match the layout to your corporate identity.


Layout realisation

During the realisation phase, we create two or three alternative layouts. With different design, but the same message.
If necessary and possible, all contents to be delivered (such as logos, images, texts etc.) are ideally already available in this phase. Otherwise, we ensure a harmonious overall impression through appropriate placeholders. On request, we take care of the research of suitable visuals.

Br24 Layout: first design draft of milk packaging

Br24 Layout: 2nd draft of milk packaging design
With us, you get everything from one source. For optimal results, we combine our entire range of services. And, if required, combine layout design with the various possibilities offered by image editing and image retouching, vectorization and CGI. Our professional quality control always ensures the highest quality.


Presenting the layout

We discuss and agree the completed layouts with you through the softproof system DALIM. The system allows convenient and web-based exchange of feedback as well as documents. For an efficient workflow, an accelerated production process and maximum productivity. You have the complete overview and control over any designs, contents and communication.

Br24 Layout: Final correction of design of milk packaging in softproof system DALIM

Feedback and finalisation

In this phase we discuss potential adjustments and correction with you. And if necessary rework the layout in up to two feedback loops. So that the final layout match your requirements down to the smallest detail. The final result is a professional, individual layout. Perfectly prepared for subsequent processes, for example as a print-ready PDF, website or newsletter template, etc.
Maximum transparency in all areas is very important for us. Your personal contact is always at your disposal during the whole project.

Bring your visions to life – With layout design from Br24!