DALIM Soft Proofing, for optimal results

Review, comment, approve – Workflows, just the way you like it

Projects can sometimes be complex; this also applies to image editing. For a smooth project process, the fast, constant and uncomplicated exchange with all project participants is particularly.

Not only, but especially in projects with large teams this is not that easy. Complicated workflows, waiting for approvals, or even unnecessary feedback loops…

How to simplify processes and avoid bottlenecks? We rely on DALIM Soft Proofing.

Br24 Blog: DALIM Soft Proofing, for optimal results. Three graphics demonstrating the benefits of DALIM.

Two highlights for your projects

Almost every project has phases of review, feedback and approval. And whether it is product images or any other image material: Today, the demand for quality, speed and customisation is high. Results are often implemented simultaneously for online and print. The amounts of data are large.

Get feedback, approvals, etc. from everyone involved, then summarise, revise, forward and of course implement it. Sending data back and forth by email or even printed copies … This costs time, money and is prone to errors. Today, these processes are faster, more effective and more accurate – and online.

DALIM Software offers automated workflows and web-based online proofing for processes and projects. Let’s take a closer look at these two main features.

Digital review and approval process

DALIM’s soft proofing system offers a digital review and approval process. This allows digital content to be quickly shared, compared, reviewed, commented and approved. This not only includes images, but also texts, layouts, newsletters, websites, catalogues or videos. Even accurate colour proofing is possible.

For example, if a document or image is ready for review, all responsible project members are automatically notified. Feedback can be given directly via the various comment options, which is immediately available to everyone else via the system. Feedback and change requests can even be displayed and discussed together in real time. As soon as everyone responsible has given feedback, for example, the content is approved for the next step.

Br24 Blog: DALIM Soft Proofing, for optimal results. Example of comment function in DALIM

Short communication channels simplify project management, projects are progressed efficiently, delays are reduced.

Automated workflows

Every project contains various steps and processes. While many of these vary from project to project, others are basically the same; they are reproducible.

Often, processes that follow the same pattern over and over again do not really require user interaction. For example, as already mentioned, notifying all those responsible as soon as content is ready for review. But also forwarding the collected feedback or an approval. Or the further processing of data, such as converting files into other formats, providing, moving or deleting files. However, in many cases they are exercised by individual project members. Which can be a time consuming task. Yet they are perfect for automation.

With DALIM Software, such reproducible workflows can be partially or completely automated; individually depending on the project and customer requirements. This allows project members to focus on other, more important activities. Productivity and efficiency increase, downtimes are reduced. At the same time, the automation keeps the quality of the results consistently high. The quality often even improves since, for example, structural bottlenecks can be quickly identified, improved and avoided in the future.

Br24 Blog: DALIM for optimal results. Example of content with different states in DALIM.

We use digital soft proofing and individually automatable workflows from DALIM Software to always quickly and effectively achieve the highest quality. Especially for complex projects.

Your benefits at a glance

Fast communication through simple and direct transfer of information (content, feedback, comments, etc.) to everyone involved, at any time and immediately via web browser. If required, content can also be displayed, discussed and edited live together.

Intuitive to use through simple and clear creation of comments, corrections, change requests and markings directly in the relevant content.

The integrated revision management enables an automated, visual comparison of different versions of the content and offers a quick overview, for example of adjustments that have already been made.

Br24 Blog: DALIM Soft Proofing, for optimal results. Example of revision management in DALIM

Traceability of every single step. Even with large project groups, complex approval processes and extensive feedback phases.

Save time and money and achieve more with fewer resources. Projects progress faster and can be realised within a very short time. Web-based soft proofing is also available anytime, enabling everyone to work without physically downloading files. Large downloads due to large amounts of data are avoided.

Optimise processes & improve quality. Transparency within a project, but also within processes, improves. Downtimes and errors are reduced. Overall, the productivity and efficiency increases, which in turn ensures and even improves the quality of the results.

Individual automated workflows can be created for each project, tailored to customer needs and project requirements. So the focus is on creating the content, not the complex processes around it.


DALIM Soft Proofing – Our solution for the highest requirements.