The best Christmas marketing ideas

Is your marketing ready for the Christmas season? Our holiday marketing ideas can be adapted for different business types and different marketing channels.

Plan ahead

The earlier you start planning, the better your results. Do not miss the most important dates for your Christmas marketing. And make sure you benefit from them.

Add Christmas flair to your branding

Update your branding with a festive look and feel. Logo, website, social media profiles, newsletter and email marketing, mobile app, online store and product pages, in-store decor, online and print ads, pictures in general … Update all your imagery. And make sure, anyone who visits your website etc. knows you’ve got, for example, Christmas promotions or sales on. Winter themed imagery works also very well.

Br24 Blog Christmas Marketing Ideas: Christmas ball with Br24 logo


Know the consumers

To ensure that your marketing efforts reach the right target group, it is important to know the consumers and their behaviour. Who shops when and why? As early as possible or last minute, deal hunters or comes back regularly. They all need to be addressed differently.

Product specific Christmas ads

At this time of the year, it pays to focus on campaigns that highlight seasonal offers and products and boost sales. And limit campaigns that focus on brand and service awareness.

Create a sense of urgency

A countdown to Christmas Eve, Advent Calendars, Flash-Sales, time-limited offers and discounts, the last date for on-time delivery, free shipping for a limited time, shorter delivery times, extended opening hours … Create urgency is one of the top marketing principles and makes the offer even more desirable.

Offer gift bundles

Combine matching products to gift bundles. To make them more attractive, such gift packages are usually offered at a small discount. Such packages are also helpful to draw attention to less noticed products. Or to combine bestsellers with matching items that are not selling to well.

Br24 Blog Christmas Marketing Ideas: Christmas gift bundles with Br24 branding

Create additional content

Create short tutorials on how to use and assemble your articles and how to wrap them as a gift. These contents are a helpful supplement and can be used even after Christmas. Personal content such as the best Christmas experience of your employees, the funniest gifts or impression of you Christmas party reflect the festive, family mood. And give a face to the company as well as reduce the distance to your customers.

Optimally prepared and ready in time

Perfect content at the last minute? To ensure that there are no delays, rely on the fast and reliable service of Br24 for your product images, clippings and image editing. Besides high-quality images and other content, optimal preparation is crucial, especially in e-commerce. Check and modify your SEO in time. And optimize any content, such as images for online and mobile use.