Composing – Visual deception

Composing for an ideal image result.


The picture is well done but youare not 100% satisfied with the background? The flower dress has a better impact on a white beach than on an Italian pizza?
Piece of cake! Professional image composing makes it possible. We will provide you with a montage that precisely matches with your wishes. Objects and backgrounds can be combined artfully and by this way a completely new image is created.


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Cost savings

Clear-stated price standards, time and human resource saving.

Composing explanation

A composing sounds more familiar than photomontage. With it there are no problems if you want to add a new background or more objects. You can create a completely new image or reality. Certain pratical rules from design theory or optics play a significant role and lead to more or less acceptable result depending on the knowledge of composer. Moreover creativity has no boundaries. However, unluckily, images are processed by lack-of- experience engineers or unappropriate / unprofessional software so they become unrealistic and will be recognized as montage at first sight. The fine-tuning for shadows, brightening, color temperature and other things make the image vibrant and connect all the separated elements together. This is the actual work known by the term composing and it has a speciality.

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We are an online portal for picture editing with mission of realizing your wishes. Therefore we provide thenbest service around-the-clock with fixed prices. Your pictures will be processed quickly and professionally under our operation. Our customers include for several years well-known companies from advertisement and media, we would be glad to be allowed to welcome you in our constituency. Our customers include premium companies and well-known advertising media which we have long-lasting relation with. Thus it is our honor to welcome you to our institution.



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