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What is CGI?

CGI stands for „Computer Generated Imagery“. With this technique we can partly or completely create photo-realistic images in a 3D-Program for you. 


Fields of application for CGI

Computer Generated Imagery can not only be used for Picture- or Film production, but also for Computer simulation. Generated Graphics can be displayed statically or dynamically. Our main focus lies in the Image production of various furniture.


But we can realize everything you need for your marketing of your products. In order to ensure a perfectly created result of your motive, your pictures will be passed through our picture editing after being created in 3D Studio Max®. This process takes about as much as time as the creation of the image itself to deliver a perfect and realistic result to you.




Your Advantages

– Time saving
– No costs for setting-up for e.g. the Photography, Material, Product creation
– High Quality
– Fast and simple corrections
– Photography, Picture editing and CGI from one source only
– Rough paradigms can be provided with different structures like leather material
– Creation of your products before their physical existence





So easy.