Architecture & Real Estate

Architecture & Real Estate – Impress at first sight

Appealing and informative pictures. For the first impression they are of decisive importance. They show the real value of existing and planned real estate objects and projects.
Optimisation and adjustment of sharpness, contrast, colour, exposure and perspective. Adding or removing objects. Impressive panorama images and more. With professional image editing, we present your real estate objects in the best light.
The limitless possibilities of CGI make it possible to create photo-realistic images; even before objects actually exist or are completed, e.g. based on existing plans. Through lighting, texturing and the creation of environments, both interior and exterior, we create realistic and stunning images. And with Virtual Staging, we transform real estate objects into beautiful homes.
Increase the marketing and sales opportunities, create high-quality marketing material at an early stage, save time and money, and impress at first sight – with first-class pictures.
With our images you feel like at home.

Br24 CGI/3D: Architecture, exterior illuminated Skyscraper at night time in a busy city
Br24 CGI / 3D: interior view, modern dining and kitchen area in factory style house
Br24 Real Estate Retouching: Kitchen with bar in dark light, before retouching
Br24 Real Estate Retouching: Kitchen with bar in natural light, after retouching
Br24 Real Estate Staging: empty bedroom before CGI staging / Br24 Immobilien Staging: leeres Schlafzimmer vor CGI Staging
Br24 Real state Staging: furnished bedroom after CGI Staging / Br24 Immobilien: möbliertes Schlafzimmer nach CGI Staging
Br24 CGI/3D, Real Estate: Architecture, digital floor plan of an apartment, including furniture
Br24 CGI, 3D: interior room before Virtual Staging / Innenraum bevor Virtual Staging
Br24 CGI, 3D: interior room after Virtual Staging with interior including bed, lounger and rug, lighting, texturing / Innenraum nach Virtual Staging Interieur inklusive Bett, Liege und Teppich, Beleuchtung, Texturierung