From mathematics to different image representation.

Images normally are generated in pixel or raster graphic. There are no problems when it comes to simple pictures or Images that cannot be scaled (enlarged or reduced). However if the images are required in a different size, vectorization is needed. Vectorization is indispensable for Logos, product drawings or pictograms that will be used in different purposes. Here we truly are your right partner. We create vectorized graphics in every size but remaining their core features so no need to worry about your professional appearance.


Application sphere of vectorization

Vectorization is a useful tool for persons who work mainly with graphics, logos or pictograms and need to scale them up or down.



Vectorization explanation

The term “vectorization” refers to the creation of a vectorized graphics with a raster. The raster image is well-known as a pixel graphic or a bitmap image. The picture emerges through the usage of color grid in which every square is filled with a particular color. Every single color square corresponds exactly to an image dot (Pixel). If you look at all pixels all together, they create an actual image. The amount of pixels in the image is ixed in advance. If this image is enlarged, all the pixels get enlarged and the contours in the image get unsharp. Thus the image appears pixelated. That’s why graphics vectoring comes into play. These consist exclusively of lines and curves which are defined by the vectors. They show the image with geometrical characteristics that are saved as shapes. If vector graphics are scaled, only the length of the individual vorctor will be changed while the image quality remains the same.

Highly scalable

Vectorized graphics are utterly reasonable when you need precisely- edited graphics that can not be changed under any circumstances, for example: logo company. These graphics can be used flexibly without losing any of their characteristics and always bring a professional appearance. Vector files also play an important role in the daily use of CAD. It is one of factor that helps to record measurements.

To vectorize scanned images/pictures, specialized software is needed and this requires studying a lot.



So easy.