Masking – much impression!

Masking for an optimized final Image.


The advertised object does not match correctly in the image, or the result would be better with a different surface? With pleasure! We save you expensive and time-consuming photo shootings. Would you like the violet sofa to be turned to green as well at your online-shop without the need for a new photo shooting? So easy!


We can keep all details of the photography and change the color only. The finished picture is not different from the original one and will be available after 24 hours. This is not only very efficient but also extremly time-saving. We are proud that our specialists exactly mask even complex images and subjects. They will be handmade and send back as open files for further processing. Just tell us your wishes and we turn them into reality. Of course, as always in the best quality of our BR24!


Example: For an effective series of processing of your images.


For the visualization of differen colors for objects.


Perfect clipping of different works – also complex images.

Masking explanation

Colormaksing objects is about selecting different areas of the Image to change colors or the design of surfaces. Our employees accurately mask by hand the needed areas and set them on a separate layer. By doing this you can adjust the colors in the selected areas perfectly. If the whole picture is now back on the original layers, nothing has changed except the new color in the photo. The left over original photography will remain unchanged. This is especially practical for products with color variations or designs that have to be represented on a catalogue.

Cost saving

As only one good image is needed for the different color variations you can cut off the costs for the Model, Photographer and the Studio without compromising on quality.

However, also in black and white photography this technique can be of use for eg. to highlight individual areas and change their color. The overall effect of the image will be changed that way.


So easy.