Image retouch – The perfect improved to be even more perfect

Retouch for an optimized Image


Have got a nearly perfect image but maybe something still bothers you?

We all agree that in several fields, especially the advertising one, everything has to be more than perfect. In this sector, even a small “flaw” on the model or product can decide the success or failure of a campaign. Therefore, you should take no risks! Rely entirely on our professional retouching service and we undertake to make the most out of your image (product, advertising face, landscape, etc.) and recognize and optimize the potential of the picture itself. From a basic image up to a mass retouching for catalogues and Websites, retouch is so-called our dedication, which we are fully absorbed and more than confident to present our skills and experience. Therefore, we are always able to fast and professionally provide photo editing to meet your demands.


Field of application for photo editing

To display a picture, a product or a person perfectly, often a trickly detailed retouch is required, than nearly no image is perfect by nature.The fashion and beauty industries have a high demand for this service almost for every product. Other industries also benefit by a perfect image editing. We can name several sectors like Photography, Advertising Agencies and Publishers.






Disturbing elements can be exchanged.


Deleting scratches, spots, damages.

Image retouch explanation

The retouching is indispensable in today’s media. Almost everyone has witnessed the before/ after effect of image processing. Thanks to a retouched makeover or cosmetic makeup that turn a middle-aged woman to a-few-years younger for a skincare. The word “retouch” comes from French, which means “editing” (retouche). The word itself says it all. The image will be editied, manipulated, optimized and corrected flawlessly. The digital image retouching has literally experienced a boom in the recent decades that a new occupation was created – the retoucher. For perfect results, both human and technique including professional software are the key factors. The software with the most comprehensive features is required for professional photo editing yet acquires at a very high price.

Example of use.

For the beauty photography, the focus is always put on the perfect face and the nice body shape. Thus, the main task consists mostly of removing unwanted spots, editing the sharpness or manipulating the form to have some pounds disappeared or hips minimized. Especially for cosmetic retouching, the Retoucher has to work extremely precisely. Every single part of the picture must be worked in pixel accurately, which requires a lot of time, experience and skills to get a perfect result. It is hard for the viewer to recognize the changes in an edited picture. A photographer can only deliver a nearly-perfect image. Yet, meanwhile our society get used to the perfect product, you would hardly bring any product without complex retouching to the market. Due to the steadily increasing demand for image retouching, it makes sense to give this work to a professional retoucher.



So easy.