Clipping – precision for perfection

Images need taking action! To clip and cut objects from their own environment requires much time and skills. That’s how we play the “game”. Undergoing a dozen of years of practical experience, we are confident to improve your images perfectly, fast and effectively with a reasonable cost. A high volume of complex images definitely does not matter to our skilled Team. We are accustomed to professionally and efficiently realizing the desires of our customers. Being a competent and reliable partner by your side, we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with our clipped images which meet our high quality standards no later than 24 hours.


We are able to offer the following availability:
– Handmade Clippingpathes at high quallity and precision.
– Natural and precise allignment
– Pro-active clipping of a high volume of complex images



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Cost saving

Transparent structure, enormous savings of time and labor.

Clipping explanation

The Term „Clipping“ describes objects that get excavated from their background. In our case this will be handmade in Adobe Photoshop. The clipped picture, depending on the customers requirements, then can be set on a white or any other background. In particular clippingpathes are important for the presentation of Products in an Online-Shop or for a catalog. The advertised product is put into a new setting to come through even more intensively. Finally the customer an conzentrate on the chosen Product without being distracted by a shadow in the background. It is also possible to put the object into a completely new pictorial world without any perceptible transitions. This can be done with clipped objects no matter what the number is that a new overall picture can be created. Especially for the design of advertising media and flyer therefore clipping is even more important. Inevitably, clpipping is also very interesting for companies’ corporate websites. Clipped images from the employees show a professional and consistent impression in the company presentation. Another undeniable advantage of clipping also has the advantage that You can save costs. The objects can be used serval times or combined with different backgrounds without a new shooting.

24/7 for your perfect image

We are an online portal for picture editing with the claim to fulfill your wishes. Therefore we provide the best service around-the-clock with defined fixed prices. Your pictures will be processed quickly and professionell by our production. Our customers include for serveral years, we are honored to welcome you to enjoy our service.



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