Alpha masking – elaborating but effectiveness

Alpha masking for an excellent result


For complex image motives for e.g. Hair, smoke, fur, wools or unsharp edges, the cut from the object with a path is out of the question. With our alpha masking – or also softmasking, we professionally exempt even the finest contents for you where the Pen-Tool is not quite suitable. With our many years of experience, we can present you absolutely perfect results in the shortest possible time. You will receive the edited images as .png .psd or .tif format with transparent background


– Advertising campaigns of any kinds
– Printmedia
– Calatouges and presentations
– Online magazines and advertising media
– Companies’ corporate websites – adjustment to CI


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Cost savings

Clear cost standards, vast saving of time and staff.

Alpha masking explanation

Alpha Masking is about exempting fine Objects to be able to put them on different Backgrounds or to set them into a new scenario. For the filigree structures, the conventionally Clippingpath is unsuitable that Softmasking has to be used instead. Therefore, selected areas will be subdevided into black, white and grey scale pixels.

The individual color channels can be summed up into Alpha channels to be edited.Thus partially transparent elements from the image will be visible and can smoothly be integrated into the chosen background.

Convey the perfect feeling

Sometimes for the statement or the Feeling, that the image should convey, only a small field of view is crucial. Yet you can frequently find elements or people in the picture which are considered kinda distracting or that cannot be published.

By using Alphamasks we are able to make unwanted Objects or faces unrecognizable rather than limiting the field of view which is especially helpfull for the work of journalists.



So easy.